Much of my professional practice consists of working with the clients of attorneys. The section for clients of attorneys provides information on my role in legal cases, the evaluation process, and my office policies. The section for attorneys provides further information such as my scope of practice and my deposition and courtroom experience.

The section for attorneys under ("more") may only be accessed with a password. Password access will be given following a quick conversation, usually by telephone. Please call our office on Tuesday or Thursday at (425) 867-1500. If you call outside of these days, please leave a voice mail message, and be sure to include instructions about when and where you can be reached by telephone.

For Clients referred by a Lawyer

You may have been told that you need an analysis of your future prospects and employability or a vocational rehabilitation plan. Or maybe your attorney would like me to evaluate the opposing party. You can learn about my background and experiences as an expert witness in different areas of law, so you can determine if you want me to work with your attorney.

Where Do I Start?

Please read everything in this section about psycho-legal evaluations (vocational and psychological), and then click on the MORE button below. You should then call to ask questions and make arrangements for your evaluation. The MORE button will also take you to see the fee schedule and find the forms to be completed and brought with you to the first appointment.


I cannot switch roles from that of expert witness to treating psychologist or visa-versa with the same individual. It is a matter of law and ethics. When I provide expert psycho-legal-vocational evaluations for an attorney and his or her client, I cannot later accept that same person as my client. When I have worked with a client, I cannot later be that person’s expert evaluating psychologist.