Please note that the fees for forensic/legal cases are different.

Visit this page for the correct fee and payment information.

Fees and Payments

First Interview

The first appointment is a 60-minute interview and the fee is $200.00.

Follow-up Appointments

Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes long, and the fee is $175.00. For half sessions or double sessions, fees are pro-rated.


Paper-and-pencil and computer scored testing is $175.00 per hour, pro-rated.

ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Assessment for attention deficit and/or hyperactivity involves an interview, testing, follow up, and continuity. The initial 30-minutes interview occurs before and on a separate day and costs $100.00. The precision testing is on a computer (which must be completed in the morning) takes up to 100 minutes and costs $300.00. Please visit the TOVA wesbite for more information. You will receive a copy of your results at the debriefing meeting, which is $175.00.

Reports to Other Providers

When you request a letter or a treatment plan sent to your physician, psychologist, or any other health care provider, I will provide a quote in advance and obtain your permission. You will receive a printed copy.


I require payment at the time of service, by bankcard (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express) and/or by personal check. Any cash payments should be for the exact amount.

For other details, please see my office policies.

Thank you