Office Policies


Washington law requires your signature on an informed consent form before Dr. DeWitt can begin services. This page contains information you have a right to review before giving your consent. You will be given a separate form to sign.

Your Rights

Washington State requires all licensed psychologists to demonstrate ethical and professional conduct, keep adequate records, comply with continuing education requirements, and maintain confidentiality. If you have a complaint, please first talk with me. If there is no resolution, you may get a second opinion from another psychologist or seek clarification from officials of Department of Health in Olympia, Washington, at (800) 525-0127.

Each person receiving services from a psychologist has the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and has the right to receive individually-formulated and appropriate treatment that is free of discrimination. You have the right to understand the purpose and procedures employed, and to receive services that are free from exploitation and harassment.


All information exchanged between us in session is confidential and private, but you may voluntarily chose to release information by completing a “Release of Information” form. Confidentiality is automatically waived when and only if: a) there is danger to yourself or others, b) you are involved in abuse or neglect of dependent persons, or c) by a court order.

Letters, forms, test results, or reports will never be shared with any other party, until there is a written, signed release. If there is an unanticipated request for records from another party (e.g., disability insurance, employer,or Social Security Administration) from either your active or archived file, I will contact you and/or your legal representative before responding.


Your active file, written records, and account information is on paper in a 3-ring binder, kept confidential and secured in locked file drawers. Weekly computer backups of progress notes are stored off site. All closed and archived files are transferred to digital media and stored off-site for eight years. Archived files contain only the information required by statutory law. However, you may access your records, either active or archived, and you may request that essentially no records be maintained or stored.

Bad Weather

Whenever wind, snow, or storm conditions make it difficult for travel, I have well-established inclement weather procedures. We are open but keep short hours, dress informally, and staff the phone to help people switch appointments. I also use telephone sessions and email to maintain your momentum and provide continuity.


Important: The fees for forensic/legal cases involving a lawyer are different and higher than vocational counseling cases. Please visit this page for all information on fees and payments for legal cases.

Your first interview will cost $200.00 (for 60 minutes) or $300.00 (for 90 minutes). All additional meetings are 45 minutes long and cost $175.00. Testing is also billed at $175.00 per hour. Use of the WOIS (on-line service) is $50.00. After hours or emergency appointments, by phone or in person, are billed $250.00 per hour. Services provided outside the clinic offices or meetings with other people (family, union official, attorney, physician, human resources, employer representatives, agencies, others) are $250.00 per hour. Exceptions must be negotiated before or at the time services are provided.


Notification of a cancellation must be received 48 hours in advance during office hours (Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) for there to be no charge. The fee for cancellation with less than 48 hours notice is $100.00. If you do not keep an appointment and provide no notification, the charge is $175.00. All appointments, WOIS, testing, and cancellations are noted in the office schedule and my calendar.

Whenever we start late, but this was not caused by your late arrival, I guarantee a 45 minute session. However, if you arrive late for an appointment, I will usually need to end in 45 minutes after the scheduled appointment time in order to be on time for the next individual. However, it is preferable to have an abbreviated or partial meeting rather than simply not to show up.


Payments may be made by debit/credit bankcards or by personal check. Your check or paper receipt is your record of payment until you receive your statement. Please take care of payment upon arrival for each appointment. If your account needs troubleshooting, please tell me immediately to resolve the issue. Any account past due will have additional fees.


Dr. DeWitt is an out-of-network provider. However, if you would like an insurance statement to help you process your claim, we can provide one for you. I can provide a form with the diagnostic code, procedures codes, dates of services, and provider information. You can then attach the form to a claim form and submit them directly. Recent clients report that 57% to 85% of my standard fees are being reimbursed, but your reimbursement depends on your particular health insurance policy provisions.


If you own a business or are self-employed, vocational services may be an IRS Schedule C business deduction. If you are an employee, vocational services may be a Schedule A, line 22, deduction on your 1040. Line 22 deductions include the cost of vocational services and all job search expenses. The IRS defines these expenses as “incurred in order to improve or maintain” your employment (and taxpayer) status. Confirm what applies to you by asking an IRS official or your tax preparer.

Thank you